First Feature

I just moved near Lee St. in Greensboro and I caught this guy welding a gate on a construction site. His name is Edgar Hunter, and he was in the process of doing so for his soon-to-be White's Auto Body Shop.

First Year Glimpses

These were good guys-I found them hanging out in Center City Park in downtown Greensboro and shot this for my "up close and personal" small format assignment. I used my Minolta SR-1 with a 24mm wide angle lens and fill flash.

For design lab II we had an assignment pertaining to fruit-we could only use one light source, and it was one of our first studio experiences. I used my Mamiya RB67 with Tmax 100 and a 750 Fresnell on a paper backdrop.

These "asparaguys" posed for me with little hassle-a color print assignment involving fruits/vegetables in a saturated and desaturated composition. This one is supposed to be desaturated-I increased cyan tones slightly for the effect of frigidity.

I call the one below "a healthy alternative"-which made more sense in my head-it is the saturated portion of the assignment. I used a Farrall and Speedotron for both of these, and used a Calumet 4x5 with Portra 125 c-41 film sheets.


Profile photo

Here is my profile photo. I think it really says a lot about me, in particular how I am the world's greatest dad. I used a 4x5 Sinar Alpina with Ilford Delta 100. The setup involved a Farrall light and Speedotron, with a Speedotron power pack. Jessica Benton helped by popping the flash on my cues and occasionally laughing at me.

Here is the rest of my large format summer portfolio...
The wonderful Carolyn Deberry helped me here-in addition to the Farrall, two directional 750 Fresnells were used for facial illumination.

This was the first one I tried-I had help from several people including Emily Veon, Jessey Dearing, Octavio Jones, Robert Franklin, Carolyn Deberry and Christy Bullins.