First Year Glimpses

These were good guys-I found them hanging out in Center City Park in downtown Greensboro and shot this for my "up close and personal" small format assignment. I used my Minolta SR-1 with a 24mm wide angle lens and fill flash.

For design lab II we had an assignment pertaining to fruit-we could only use one light source, and it was one of our first studio experiences. I used my Mamiya RB67 with Tmax 100 and a 750 Fresnell on a paper backdrop.

These "asparaguys" posed for me with little hassle-a color print assignment involving fruits/vegetables in a saturated and desaturated composition. This one is supposed to be desaturated-I increased cyan tones slightly for the effect of frigidity.

I call the one below "a healthy alternative"-which made more sense in my head-it is the saturated portion of the assignment. I used a Farrall and Speedotron for both of these, and used a Calumet 4x5 with Portra 125 c-41 film sheets.


Jessica M. Benton said...

This is the perfect substitute for cigarettes. You thought of a very creative idea for the saturated assignment. Good work.

Alexa.Dunk said...

Ashley, I love the photo of the guys for the UpClose assignment. The angle is really different and I like the use of foreground, mid, and background with the other guys. Good work.