Feelin' crabby

Teresa Heavlin, volunteer of the Natural Science Center in Greensboro, N.C. displays Peter Parker, a 3-year-old spider crab at the shallow water exhibit.

Sports Portrait

Here is my first attempt at a sports portrait - this is Jordan Clodfelter, attack of the Guilford College Quaker Women's Lacrosse team. Clodfelter placed second at the Allodac Lacrosse conference last season.
This was taken at around 10 in the morning, and the lighting was much harsher than I would have liked. I used a Nikon D100 with a 17-35mm lens in addition to an SB-80 on a light stand illuminating her. I wanted her to be against the sky, but the streamers showed up more clearly against the trees. The background is too busy - I could not darken it enough without underexposing the subject. My next attempt will be in studio and/or at dusk if on location.


More Woods

Here are some extra photos I took at the Spooky Woods. The gentleman with the scarecrow goes by the name of Tom Rover-he is from Greensboro and everyone at the Maize Maze calls him "the Builder."

Spooky Woods

This layout comes from the Spooky Woods attraction in High Point. I used a Nikon D100 with a 24-80mm lens.


Somewhere near San José

My friend Arghavon lives near San José in northern California and we hiked up what seemed like a moderately-sized hill, but in actuality was nearly a mountain towering through the clouds. From the top, you can see the cities of San José, Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, and Oakland. I shot this using 800 ISO film with a yellow filter and lens hood.

Guadalajara, Mexico

These were shot a couple of years ago when I was in Guadalajara. Specifically, they were taken in the colonial center downtown. The fountain was found in the plaza and the building is actually the courthouse, or El Palacio de Gobierno. You can see the 1937 Orozco mural depicting Father Miguel Hidalgo leading Mexico against such tyrannies as Communism, Capitalism, Catholicism and Fascism. It's a little out of focus but I like the way the light came through.


Women's Only Running School

I took these for a 3-picture layout-the running school was started and coached by Liz and Jim Halsch to train runners for the Women's Only 5K race. The race is fund raiser for breast cancer research and will take place at the Moses Cone Women's Hospital in Greensboro on October 6th.


Friday Night Football

Here are a couple of shots from this past Friday night at a varsity game at Northwest Guilford High school in Greensboro. The NW Guilford Vikings won against Ragsdale High School 14-0. At some point during the game one of the coaches jokingly accused me of having a "thing" for teenage boys- a great experience overall.