Old things

I dug these out from my pre-RCC archives...

Football moments

Moments from last Friday night's game; Southern Guilford Highschool defeated the McMichael Pheonixes 34-3.


Photo illustration and panoramic

My photo illustration is meant to depict the contentious relationship between patriotism and freedom of speech in America's classrooms. The flag was taken in the studio, pretty simply with a 750 Fresnell- I didn't light the classroom, although I meant to (the radio slave did not work).

Below is my panoramic - "too many twins". Although I like to call it "Conga Time." I cannot think of anyone who would be more perfect for this than E.P.Li! I used two alien bees on either side of the "line" and a D100 with a 17mm lens.

Festival of India

Narada and Yatuka (far left) Baba of Hillsborough find solace in the meditation room at Prabhupada Village in Sandy Ridge, N.C. during the
annual Festival of India celebration. The Baba family resides at the Hare Krishna temple in

(below) An edifice of Hanuman, the Hindu simian symbol of strength adorns a passageway to Prabhupada Village's Hare Krishna temple during a kirtan service. A kirtan combines music, chanting and insence in tribute to the spirit Govinda, or Krishna.