Photo illustration and panoramic

My photo illustration is meant to depict the contentious relationship between patriotism and freedom of speech in America's classrooms. The flag was taken in the studio, pretty simply with a 750 Fresnell- I didn't light the classroom, although I meant to (the radio slave did not work).

Below is my panoramic - "too many twins". Although I like to call it "Conga Time." I cannot think of anyone who would be more perfect for this than E.P.Li! I used two alien bees on either side of the "line" and a D100 with a 17mm lens.


Dunkelberger said...

Ross! You did great with the stitching. Awesome job.

Christy Bullins said...

hahahaha Ashley, words cannot describe how I feel about your pano. haha it is great...hilarious..everything..well done

Jessica M. Benton said...

I love both of these photographs.

The students with the flags over their mouths makes me think of the student that was tazed last week after asking John Kerry a question.

Your Conga line is awesome and your model is perfect! That is the funniest picture I've seen from this assignment.