Trench art guy

So I had to take a portrait of this guy Matt Beckwitz of the Alamance County Genealogical Society at City Hall, which is a pretty unimpressive building for photos. But the story was about the preservation of trench art, which isn't something you hear about every day, so I really wanted to make it interesting somehow. I got there, and the guy seemed to feel rushed, well I wasn't sure because he wasn't much of a talker. So I took something not so great and let him on his way. And then the sky became marvelous, right as he went back inside - should I try this again? Would he be into that? Well, I got him to come back outside, and he was nice enough to concede. I thought - there's this gorgeous sky, and the thing he's holding is a plane - and look, there are flags- an American flag even! Well, there are plenty of things I would do differently, like spin that plane around going the opposite direction, and maybe have a third light in there somewhere. But I guess I got my sky portrait out of the way.

2007 Atlanta Photojournalism Conference

This is how I will always remember the 2007 Photojournalism Conference in Atlanta...

A light

A plant

An Ashley

There were other things to remember as well, but this pretty much sums it up.



Julie Moore of Burlington has trained her German Shepherd Ripley to jump over hurdles at the K-9 Corner adjacent to the Beth Schmidt Park in Elon Tuesday afternoon.

Eric Larwa adjusts the exhaust pipe on a crane Tuesday for a tower extension off of Huffman Mill Road in Burlington. The project is overseen by Andrew Systems, Inc., based in Garner.

Carolina vs. S.C. State and Duke

So I've been pretty slack about updating this blog-(sorry!) But you really haven't missed that much. My internship at the Burlington Times-News is culminating in a few weeks, I will stay until I have to go back to class and hopefully be able to go to a few games after it officially ends. Here is some stuff I took a while back- for my first college basketball game which was a Carolina game. I got hit on the head with a basketball, and had a really good ball scramble frame in which the uniform was blown out. I had a really good time overall and learned a few things about things. For these I used a combination of D2H and D1H with a 70-200 and 50mmm.
These are from the Carolina vs. Duke game a couple of weeks ago - a real hair-splitter. Greg Little saved the day-that's him in the middle there (8), in the bottom photo.