Carolina vs. S.C. State and Duke

So I've been pretty slack about updating this blog-(sorry!) But you really haven't missed that much. My internship at the Burlington Times-News is culminating in a few weeks, I will stay until I have to go back to class and hopefully be able to go to a few games after it officially ends. Here is some stuff I took a while back- for my first college basketball game which was a Carolina game. I got hit on the head with a basketball, and had a really good ball scramble frame in which the uniform was blown out. I had a really good time overall and learned a few things about things. For these I used a combination of D2H and D1H with a 70-200 and 50mmm.
These are from the Carolina vs. Duke game a couple of weeks ago - a real hair-splitter. Greg Little saved the day-that's him in the middle there (8), in the bottom photo.

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