Trench art guy

So I had to take a portrait of this guy Matt Beckwitz of the Alamance County Genealogical Society at City Hall, which is a pretty unimpressive building for photos. But the story was about the preservation of trench art, which isn't something you hear about every day, so I really wanted to make it interesting somehow. I got there, and the guy seemed to feel rushed, well I wasn't sure because he wasn't much of a talker. So I took something not so great and let him on his way. And then the sky became marvelous, right as he went back inside - should I try this again? Would he be into that? Well, I got him to come back outside, and he was nice enough to concede. I thought - there's this gorgeous sky, and the thing he's holding is a plane - and look, there are flags- an American flag even! Well, there are plenty of things I would do differently, like spin that plane around going the opposite direction, and maybe have a third light in there somewhere. But I guess I got my sky portrait out of the way.

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julie said...

this is great!