Some shots of my amazingly beautiful little cousin Maddy, who knows how to do the Worm and can outwit know-it-alls like it aint no thang.


Tough as Hot Pink Nails

These are some of the portraits and singles of the Blue Ridge Roller Girls - A combination of Asheville's two roller derby teams: The Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma'ams and the Candy Apple Razorblades. To see the full gallery and video (done by Erin Brethauer) visit www.citizen-times.com.


Frenchmen on Stilts: The Ultimate Antidepressant

The strife experienced before hand just washed away when I walked into this situation. (Performance by Lous Gouyats de L'adou of Dax, France as part of this year's Folkmoot festival in Waynesville).

Carly and Matthew

Carly was a counselor at Mountain Adventure camp for autistic individuals of all ages and levels of functioning this summer, and I spent several hours with her and Matthew, her assigned camper for the adult week I experienced. I wish I had spent more time with them, but this is what I got - Click here for the entire project that Erin Brethauer, Ashley Wilson and I worked on.
p.s. there's not supposed to be any audio for this


Scott Firefighters Combat Challenge

This was fun to watch, despite the farmer's sunburn I acquired.

The Swerve is On

I've been around a lot of dancing lately, and I aint complainin'.


Precious Moments

While shooting a Little League game at a park, I found there to be more going on around the periphery compared to the infield. Well, really I just got bored and walked around instead of focusing on the game. Yay kids!


Enough About Human Rights

While interning in Asheville, I came upon a PETA demonstration downtown. Member Shawn Hervold was wrapped up like a package of meat in an effort to make meat-eating passersby aware of their hypocrisy. Whether it made the impact they hoped for or not is clear in an unclear manner of speaking - I think it would have been more effective in any place other than downtown Asheville, but that's just me. In any case, most of the photos were too family-unfriendly for use, even on the paper's website. So in a state of ennui I created this redundant little slide show for your viewing pleasure, or displeasure. This slide show contains brief nudity and uncomfortable positions


Teresa - The Movie

This is more or less my first attempt at a long-term photo story with one person as the focus. Teresa was cool enough to let me follow her around everywhere for the past 3 weeks - thank you Teresa!


Asheboro basketball

Jessey and I hung out at the basketball courts in Asheboro for a multimedia project- I haven't put a slide show together yet but here are some shots.

It's a community show


Diane Teer.

Diane Teer, who works the 3rd shift some nights at Jan's House diner in Greensboro, is a woman of many wigs. She's been in the diner business for 23 years to pay her way through school - at Jan's for 8. She has a Master's degree in criminal justice and is compiling a book of napkin art left in the diner - which is very amusing might I add. Basically, she's full of good ideas.


I like macro-ni

I thought I'd try my hand at macro, this was my 2nd time with it, and turned out better than the last attempt I think. All were taken with a D200, 55mm Nikormat plus PB-6 bellows.



Bar Kid

For the sake of posting something new, which just so happens to be kind of old, here are some photos of a very rambunctious kid I met in a bar in Chapel Hill during the POY weekend. I wish I had as much energy as he...