Experiments with light painting

My good friend Emily let me tinker around in her new gallery space downtown - an old flaky building that used to be a department store (hence the Tonka trucks). I used a small flashlight and an SB 28.



Just some dated film I recently processed - shot on my Minolta SR-1 and Bill's (thanks Bill) fancy Leica something or other over the course of the summer and fall.


More faces

I'm a sucker for dimples.

Some portraits

I have decided that I need to document my family and what is left of it, and wish I always had as long as I knew how to operate a camera. We all should document how we see our families when we have the chance. Over the winter break I spent some time with one of my first cousins - Colleen. She's one less arm, in stage four of a rare sarcoma that has spread from her amputated right arm to her lungs, thanks to a misdiagnosis. Colleen is possibly the most honest person I will ever know.