Enough About Human Rights

While interning in Asheville, I came upon a PETA demonstration downtown. Member Shawn Hervold was wrapped up like a package of meat in an effort to make meat-eating passersby aware of their hypocrisy. Whether it made the impact they hoped for or not is clear in an unclear manner of speaking - I think it would have been more effective in any place other than downtown Asheville, but that's just me. In any case, most of the photos were too family-unfriendly for use, even on the paper's website. So in a state of ennui I created this redundant little slide show for your viewing pleasure, or displeasure. This slide show contains brief nudity and uncomfortable positions


de Berry Photography said...

That's pretty awesome, Reuss. The close-ups of him in the plastic are really powerful. Wonder what the reaction would have been in downtown Greensboro.
We miss you here, but thanks for keeping us "posted" (heh heh) on your adventures in Asheville.

Ashley Garner said...

i literally just ate the best hamburger ever...and watched this.

those were some pretty cool angles missy. i liked the ones of the people up close...pretty crazy.