Teresa - The Movie

This is more or less my first attempt at a long-term photo story with one person as the focus. Teresa was cool enough to let me follow her around everywhere for the past 3 weeks - thank you Teresa!


Workday's Cool Night said...

awesome documentation of teresa in the 00's.

Ashley Garner said...

this is amazing, you did a great job documenting her.

i'm in shock, i just really like what you did with this story, and the fact that you didn't try and make the viewer sad, it was a very encouraging story. good job!!!

D. Whitley said...

Bravo! You have insight beyond
your years and will go far.

Thank you for accurately capturing
Teresa's esscence, ability to positively inspire others that
may only come in contact with her
aura, and contagious sense of humor.

You've given others, that may not
know Teresa, the chance to catch
a blessing.

D. Whitley
(friend of 10 years)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, this is incredible.

love, carra

de Berry Photography said...

Lady, this is wonderful. I'm so glad to see it after all our discussions about it. This is where it's at for you, Reuss! Nice, nice work.